Looking west toward St Clair beach

Looking west toward St Clair beach

I’ve arrived. Literally, not figuratively, that is!

On Tuesday 18 November I arrived at Dunedin Airport, and felt like I had travelled back 15 years into the past when I discovered you could park at the airport for up to an hour and only pay $1! Awesome!

For the first week I am staying with a family and they have been great – very friendly and welcoming, especially considering I am a complete stranger suddenly staying in their home!

I am preaching this Sunday, my first week here, on Philippians 1:27-2:18. It’s about living in obedience to God, as Jesus did, and working out our salvation as God works in us. I’m looking forward to going to church for the first time on Sunday and meeting everyone.

Last night I met with some of the leadership of the church, and on Tuesday I move into a flat which I am going to share with a couple of guys from church, which’ll be fun! This weekend my cousin Megan and her friend Lauren will be down here because Lauren managed to win a trip to Dunedin, so it will be good to catch up with them.

One other thing – the wind hasn’t stopped blowing since I got here. I’m sure the temperature will be almost pleasant once the wind stops!