It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, so very briefly, this is what I have been up to since then.

Mum, Soph and Jordan at the top of Tunnel Beach

Mum, Soph and Jordan at the top of Tunnel Beach

I preached at my classmate Bruce’s church which was good fun. I found out in the week leading up to me preaching there that my Grandparents attended had attended that Church (South Dunedin Baptist), and that as a 22 year old, my great, great Grandfather assisted the pastor in the opening of the church way back in the 1880’s. So it was nice to have some kind of connection to the place. Lots of older ladies came up and told me about how they remembered my family, which was cool!

My family came down a few days before Christmas which was great. We did the various tourist things in both Dunedin and Queenstown, check out the photos through this post. We went to Tunnel Beach, which features a tunnel. It was built by this old rich guy way back when for his daughters. One of them had a physical disability, and he wanted them to be able to go to the beach without others seeing them. So he found a beach inaccessible by land and dug a tunnel through the rock face so that they could enjoy some time on the beach without having to suffer the horrors of other people seeing them.

Playfighting seals at Sandfly Bay

Play fighting seals at Sandfly Bay

We also checked out the seals, which just seem to hang out on local beaches. Soph thought she saw a penguin up in the hills, but it turns out it was just a small stone. There are penguins around, but they are nesting at the moment. I plan to go see the Albatross at some point in the future. Their wingspan is 3m!

We had Christmas lunch (beautifully cooked by Amanda) with the Tonks family and had an awesome time. The next morning we dropped Sophie at the airport so she could go back to Auckland and do her New Years thing, and then we drove to Queenstown.

Dad, Jordan and I did our first skydive, while Mum watched her first one. It was awesome! Video of it will be on facebook soon.We went for a jetboat ride as well, similar to the shotover jet apart from its on a different river and the boat we went on is the most powerful jet boat in the country.

So I’ve been thinking lately.


The boys after their bungy

And for the first time in my life, I feel old to not be married. It’s not something that bothers me, but previously, it seemed like all the people similar in age to me who were getting married were just getting married young. But now, well, it’s different. But that’s cool 🙂

Tonight (30 Dec) I go back to Queenstown to hang out with some Auckland mates who are down here for New Years. We are going to the cricket tomorrow, so hopefully Central will put on some good weather for us (Central means Central Otago – it’s what the locals call it).

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer break. In between trips to Queenstown I am working on a preaching series from the book of Deuteronomy. Ha. I will have my break in the second half of Feb when I get back up to Auckland, so I’m hoping for nice weather then.